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15: We Are Shadows

Podcast Fifteen: We Are Shadows
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Address: On the corner of Fournier Street and Brick Lane, facing towards the Brick Lane Mosque.

Directions from the previous stop: Head east to the end of Brune Street and turn left into Toynbee Street, which joins with Commercial Street. Walk north towards Spitalfields Market so that Christ Church, Spitalfields is on your right (Christ Church is a Nicholas Hawksmoor church, built after the ‘Fifty New Churches Act’ of 1711, an attempt to civilise the under-churched fringes of the fast-growing London suburbs). After you pass the first corner of the market, there is a pedestrian crossing over Commercial Street. Cross over and track back south a few feet to Fournier Street, an entrance to the ‘block’ of superbly-preserved 18th century houses – with attics modified by Huguenot inhabitants to allow later working. Head east down Fournier Street, with the church now on your right. Pass Wilkes Street on your left to the end of the road, where it meets Brick Lane. Stop on the corner.

'London from my window', 1909, by Joseph

'London from my window’, 1909, by Joseph Pennell

Kohelet / Ecclesiastes 1:10-11

“Is there a thing whereof it is said: 'See, this is new'?--it hath been already, in the ages which were before us.

“There is no remembrance of them of former times; neither shall there be any remembrance of them of latter times that are to come, among those that shall come after.”

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Thank you for taking this journey with us.


If you are interested in exploring more of Jewish London, please check out the new House of Life visitor experience at Willesden Jewish Cemetery.

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